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Broken Chevron Basketweave Cotton Lawn - Baby Pink
SKU: 13219 Content: 100% Cotton Color: Baby Pink Width: 43 inches
Italian Basketweave Silk Gazar - Light PInk
SKU: 12850 Content: 100% Silk Color: Light PInk Width: 52 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Floral Jacquard Basketweave Silk Gazar - Soft Grey
SKU: 12841 Content: 100% Silk Color: Soft Grey Width: 57 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Fine Basketweave with Lurex Fibers Ladies Tweed Suiting - Grey / Silver
SKU: 12022 Content: Cotton / Acrylic / Wool / Lurex / Blend Color: Grey / Silver Width: 56 inches Origin: Italy
Made in England Linton Novel Basketweave Jacketweight Wool Blend Suiting - Black / Taupe / Tan / Off-White
SKU: 11999 Content: 74% Virgin Wool, 7% Acrlyic, 5% Nylon, 4% Polyester Color: Black / Taupe / Tan / Off-White Width: 58 inches Origin: England
Loosely Woven Basketweave Ladies Jacketweight Tweed - Shades of Blues / Teals / Grey
SKU: 11952 Content: 48% Acrylic, 23% Rayon, 11% Polyetser, 18% Other Fibers Color: Shades of Blues / Teals / Grey Width: 56 inches
Italian Basketweave Jacketweight Wool Tweed - Brown / Beige / Orchid / Purple Berry
SKU: 11901 Content: 100% Wool Color: Brown / Beige / Orchid / Purple Berry Width: 58 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Basketweave Novelty Jacketweight Tweed Suiting - Black / White
SKU: 11873 Content: Rayon / Polyester Color: Black / White Width: 47 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Basketweave Cotton Blend Tweed - Navy / White
SKU: 11613 Content: 93% Cotton, 7% Viscose Color: Navy / White Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Basketweave Wool Suiting - Oatmeal
SKU: 11515 Content: Wool Color: Oatmeal Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Raffia-Like Basketweave Suiting - Black / White
SKU: 11598 Content: 76% Polyester, 24% Cotton Color: Black / White Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Made in Spain Diagonal Basketweave Brocade - Hot Pink / Black
SKU: 11277 Content: 76% Polyester, 12% Llama, 12% Acrylic Color: Hot Pink / Black Width: 57 inches Origin: Spain
Italian Open Weave Striped Basketweave Rafia Novelty - Black / White
SKU: 10130 Content: Polyester / Nylon Color: Black / White Width: 57 inches Origin: Italy
Basketweave Print Heavy Linen Cotton - Yellow / Green / Blue / Black
SKU: 10207 Content: Linen / Cotton Color: Yellow / Green / Blue / Black Width: 54 inches This fabric is a last cut and no longer in production. Once sold out, we are unable to get more.
Italian Silk and Cotton Basketweave Gazar - Off-White
SKU: 9742 Content: Silk / Cotton Color: Off-White Width: 58 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Open Basketweave Silk Gazar Organza - Hot Pink
SKU: 9640 Content: 100% Silk Color: Hot Pink Width: 53 inches Origin: Italy
$59.00 $53.00
Italian Chanel-Like Basketweave Cotton Blend Suiting - Brown / Black / White
SKU: 9076 Content: 44% Cotton, 27% Viscose, 17% Acrylic, 7% Nylon, 3% Poly Color: Brown / Black / White Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Art Deco Basketweave-Look Metallic Brocade - Pink / Silver
A truly stunning example of style moderne, this Art Deco basketweave-look metallic brocade European designer fashion fabric in pink and silver is something special. SKU: 7758 Content: Poly / Lurex Color: Pink / Silver Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Basketweave Chanel-Like Tweed - Yellow / Beige / Grey
Made in Italy, this basketweave Chanel-like tweed fashion fabric in yellow, beige, and grey is the height of chic, sophisticated fashion. SKU: 7700 Content: Cotton / Rayon Blend Color: Yellow / Beige / Grey Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Christian Siriano Italian Basketweave Printed Silk Gazar - Yellow
This is a yellow silk gazar printed to look like a basket weave. A fabulous color and print, this fabric is ideal for high volume dresses and skirts.  SKU: 7139 Content:100% Silk Color: Yellow Width: 62 inches Origin: Italy
Metallic Striped European Basketweave Suiting - White / Gold
This is TRULY a stunning striped white and gold suiting from Italy.  In person, it's even more glam. The base is white, and gold lurex stripes adorn the fabric from selvedge to selvedge.  Given its versatile structure, this suiting is a popular choice...
Floral Silk Pique - Green/Blue SKU: 6817

$29.00 / yard

Floral Silk Pique - Green/Blue
This very special silk pique is a turquoise, lime green, aquamarine, and brown color. Unique for the lovely and durable pique weave and silky smooth and soft texture, this silk pique is a popular choice for soft and flowy summer...
Striped Basket-Woven Cotton Blend Linen - Cream/Multicolor
This linen has cream and multicolor threads to create the stripes. Unique for the fabulous array of color in the stripes that are incorporated into the basket woven cream background. The weight is versatile, great for a tunic, over-shirt, casual jacket, dress,...
Basket-Plaid Printed Silk Chiffon - Grey/Baby Blue
This pretty and understated silk chiffon is a light grey, baby blue and white color. Unique for the subtle satin threads creating a small grid and lovely basket plaid printed pattern, this silk chiffon is light and airy. Transform this...
Italian Novelty Basketweave-Look Cotton Lace - Green
 Italian Novelty Basketweave-Look Cotton Lace - Green  This cotton is coated on the face for water/stain resistance   Content - 94% Cotton, 6% Viscose  Color - Green  Width - 59"/60"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Italian Basketweave Wool Coating - Pink
 Italian Basket Weave Wool Coating - Pink  Content - 100% Wool  Color - Pink  Width - 60"  Origin - Italy  Fabric Not Reorderable
Heavy Wool Basketweave Coating - Red SKU: WC5539

$59.00 / yard

Heavy Wool Basketweave Coating - Red
 Heavy Wool Basketweave Coating - Red  Content - 100% Wool  Color - Red  Width - 58"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Painterly Basketweave Silk Crepe De Chine - Multicolor
 Painterly Basketweave Silk Crepe De Chine  Color - Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, White  Width - 44"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Basketweave Silk Jacquard - Crimson Red
This crimson red silk jacquard features a wonderfully delicate and elegant mini basketweave design.The bars of the basket weave are 1/16 inch width and add low shimmer to the fabric surface as light hits the fabric.This fabric is a medium...
Metallic Basketweave Brocade - Gold/Taupe
This lovely gold, taupe, and warm brown brocade with a diagonal box weave is light-weight and sturdy, ideal for home decor and dressy overcoats.  Content - 90% Cotton, 10% Lurex  Color - Taupe, warm brown, gold  Width - 59"  Origin - Italy
Plaid Wool Blend Tweed - White/Cream/Silver
This is an absolutely GORGEOUS tweed suiting from Italy with a plaid/basketweave woven design. The woven fibers vary in color but are perfectly balanced to the eye, and include shades of white, cream, black and grey. There is also some...

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