Many of the fabrics on this website and the majority of what we carry
in our New York City store are originally from top-of-the-line
European fabric mills. Many are produced in France and Italy, and they
eventually reach our shelves in the heart of the NYC fashion district.

Most of our stock are designer fabrics. These are the last cuts of
overstock rolls produced for major international fashion design
houses, which are no longer in production, and all that remains on the market.  Our buyers look out for these high-quality fabrics and
purchase them to offer to our customers. We have over 40 years of
relationships that allow us to secure the best fabrics available.

What does this mean?

It means that when you browse this website or the shelves in our store, you’ll find
the same luxury fabrics that are seen on the world’s top runways.
You’ll be able to create your own high-quality garments with unique
fitting, style, and taste, and purchase your fabrics at a fraction of
their original designer price.  As an emerging or independent designer,
you’ll have a top-tier fabric supplier to make your clients happy, wow
them at the next runway show, and help you become the next global
fashion brand.

Supporting sustainable fashion

The fashion industry has a reputation for being harsh on the
environment. By “saving” these gorgeous fine fabrics, we’re helping to
reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. We celebrate the slow fashion
movement and believe that our fabrics speak to those who appreciate
quality, care about humanity, and wish to express their individuality
and creativity.