The history of our fabric store begins with one avant-garde lady, Rachel, who was always imagining, creating, designing, and shining her individuality since she was a young girl.  Her passion for fashion and high-quality craftsmanship led her to attend a top fashion design school in Paris, where she learned the sophisticated art of couture dressmaking.

After the completion of her fashion design studies, she returned to her home country in Persia, and quickly gained a reputation of professionalism amongst the high-society of her town.  Soon after, she became an official couturier for the Royal family of her country. 

In the late 1970s, Rachel and her family moved to New York City, where she continued her couturier business.  As her business continued to grow, she also found herself left with an accumulation of excess fabrics from her custom projects for her private clients.  Entrepreneurial spirit in hand, she took her business to another level, and started a small 20 ft x 20 ft space in the back corner of a garment district fabric store where she would sell some of her excess fabrics.

Fast forward about a decade, and by 1988, a small fabric shop on West 40th  was born – Lace Star –  opening its doors to specializing in high-end couture French & beaded laces.  The store quickly grew into an important part of the New York city Garment District, supplying both local and famous designers.

By the early 90’s, Rachel's son, Py (also known as “Mr. Fabric”) also got involved in the business and introduced his own style to the mix.  Together, they outgrew the original concept fabric store, and Fabrics & Fabrics was born, bringing with it a new larger store and broadening its range of couture fabrics to include brocades, silk prints, fine woolens, and unique novelty fabrics.



Located near New York’s garment district, Fabrics & Fabrics prides itself on having one of the largest selections of luxury fashion fabrics in North America. Still a family-owned, family-run business, it has grown to staff a team of qualified in-store product specialists. As a premier luxury-quality fabric store, the company is proud to serve the theatre industry, film industry, TV production companies, and all their costume department needs.  Many of their fabrics go into dressing famous celebrities and red carpet events.

Of course, couture designers and emerging designers also consider F&F as a reliable source for their collections, as well as fashion students and hobbyist sewing enthusiasts who depend on over 30 years of expertise to get their projects off the ground.

F&F has gained recognition through its unique fabrics and customer care, bringing it countless fashion magazines articles, TV coverage and gracing the top runway shows. Today, F&F is considered “destination shopping” for fabric lovers all over the world.

As for Rachel, she now manages our affiliate higher-end boutique store in the greater Miami area, and still goes by the name Lace Star.  She continues to help our Floridian & South American customers with super personalized attention, assisting them to pick out exquisite French and beaded lace fabrics for their collections or special occasion dream gowns.  For information on Lace Star, please visit


Here are some of the faces behind the scenes of this website and our fabric house!  We are here to assist you with all your luxury-quality designer fabric needs and to address any questions you may have!  We welcome you to contact us anytime!  Our email is, or you can call, text, or WhatsApp us at (212) 391-7777.


Meet the team at Fabrics & Fabrics in New York City

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