Circles Foil Printed Vinyl - Silver / Blue
SKU: 16201 Content: Polyester Color: Silver / Blue Width: 46 inches
Circles Foil Printed Vinyl - Silver / Cherry Red
SKU: 16200 Content: Polyester Color: Silver / Cherry Red Width: 46 inches
Sherpa-Backed Distressed Vinyl Coating - Brown / Ivory
SKU: 11975 Content: Polyester / Acrylic Color: Distressd Brown / Ivory Width: 59 inches
Laminated Glen Plaid Outwear - Black / Brick Orange / Off-White
This cool reversible and laminated glen plaid suiting is a perfect choice for outwear or raincoats.  Once side is a black, off-white, and brick orange in color. The other side - which is a laminated gingham - is tan, olive green,...
Laminated Oxford Denim - Indigo SKU: 6805

$59.00 / yard

Laminated Oxford Denim - Indigo
This classy, modern, and utilitarian laminated cotton oxford is a indigo blue color. Unique for the light-weight, waterproofed composition, this laminated cotton is a popular choice for outdoorsy and outerwear applications - the perfect material for raincoats, trench coats, and...
Italian Novelty Latex Laminated Lace - White/Nude
This rare and modern novelty lace is a white and nude color. Unique for the the lace’s nude latex backing, this novelty lace is a popular choice for special occasion wear - form-fitting or high-volume dresses. This fabric is sheer,...
Floral Water-Repellant Nylon - Brown/Navy/Orange
This tasteful and artful water-repellant nylon is a brown orange and blue color. Unique for its beautiful floral pattern, this water-repellant nylon is a popular choice for fabulous rainwear - namely rain jackets.  SKU: 6592  Content: Nylon Blend Color: Brown, Navy,...
Vinyl with Satin Finish - Metallic SKU: 5737

$24.00 / yard

Vinyl with Satin Finish - Metallic
 Vinyl with Satin Finish - Metallic  Content - Synthetic Blend  Color - White Gold  Width - 58"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Laminated Fishnet Vinyl Netting - Black
 One-way stretch  Content - Vinyl/Nylon  Color - Black  Width - 62 inches
Embroidered Novelty Vinyl - Black SKU: NOVEL5117

$49.00 / yard

Embroidered Novelty Vinyl - Black
This all black novelty vinyl features an offset brick like embroidery in bright purple on a shiny black vinyl base. This novelty fabric is one of a kind and sure to turn heads. SKU # - NOV 5117 Content – Vinyl Color – Black/Purple...
Solid Metallic Vinyl - Bronze SKU: 4984

$25.00 / yard

Solid Metallic Vinyl - Bronze
Check out this super fun bronze vinyl! It has a cracked texture and is great for the creative type. It’s a medium weight and has a sturdy drape making it wonderful for structured garments. This is an extravagant option for...

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