Italian Fine Sweater Knit - Cream
This is a delicate, fine-yarn, open sweater knit in a cream color. Unique for the subtle variation in yarn density and open knit gauge, this knit has a relaxed luxury vibe that is all its own.  It has excellent 4-way...
Ruched Double-Layer Poly Spandex Jersey Knit - Black
This fantastic pre-ruched, double layer jersey knit is a black color. Unique for the fabulous, high volume / three dimensional ruching woven to black jersey backing, this jersey is a popular choice for chic and fun dresses and skirts a...
Textured High Stretch Knit Lamé - Gold/Black
This high-texture knit lamé is a gold and black color. Unique for the micro pleated, high stretch and high sheen qualities, this knit lamé is a popular choice for form fitting pants, jumpsuits, dresses, and light-weight suiting. This fabric is...
Metallic Stretch Ribbed Knit - Gold/Black
This lightweight ribbed knit features gold and black colors. With a phenomenal four-way stretch, it is great for a variety of athletic, athleisure and fashion applications. Use this fashionable knit to create chic dresses, striking skirts and cute leggings. SKU:...
Sports Spacer Mesh Poly Jersey Knit - White/Beige
 Sports Jersey Spacer Mesh - White/Beige   Content - Polyester Blend  Color - White/Beige   Width - 52"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Metallic Poly Blend Ribbed Knit - Teal/Navy
 Metallic Mid-weight Ribbed Knit - Teal/Navy  Content - Poly/Acrylic/Lurex  Color - Teal/Navy  Width - 70"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Italian Rayon Spandex Ponte Knit - Royal Blue
 Italian Ponte Knit - Royal Blue  Stable, double knit  Content - Rayon/Nylon/Spandex  Color - Royal Blue  Width - 62"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Italian Washed Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit - Mustard Yellow
 Italian Washed Rayon Jersey - Mustard Yellow  Soft, feather-weight, slightly sheer  Content - Rayon/Spandex   Color - Mustard Yellow  Width - 62"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Rayon Interlock Knit - Midnight Purple
 Rayon Interlock Knit - Midnight Purple  Cross-grain and diagonal stretch  Content - Rayon Blend  Color - Midnight Purple  Width - 59"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Feather-weight Sheer Cotton Spandex Jersey Knit - Burgundy
 Feather-weight Sheer Jersey - Burgundy   Content - Cotton/Spandex   Color - Burgundy  Width - 58"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Italian Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit with Metallic Foil - Rose Gold
 Italian Jersey Knit with Metallic Foil - Rose Gold  Content - Rayon Spandex Blend  Color - Metallic Rose Gold  Width - 55"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Italian Viscose Blend Jacquard Knit - Nude Pink
 Italian Viscose Knit Jacquard - Nude Pink  Content - Viscose Blend  Color - Nude Pink  Width - 60"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Italian Stretch Rayon Nylon Ponte Knit - Red
Stretch Rayon Nylon Ponte Roma - Red 4-way Stretch, double knit construction (same on both sides), and completely opaque Content - Rayon/Nylon/Spandex Color - Red Width - 59" Origin: Italy Fabric Not Reorderable
Italian Polyester Blend Ribbed Knit - Camel
 Italian Ribbed Knit - Camel   Content - Polyester Blend  Color - Camel/Beige   Width - 61"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Solid Polyester Spandex Ribbed Knit - Black
 Mid-Weight Ribbed Knit - Black  Content - Poly/Spandex Blend  Color - Black  Width - 56"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Stretch Rayon Spandex Knit - Midnight Navy
 Stretch Mid-Weight Rayon/Spandex Knit - Midnight Navy  4-way stretch, opaque (not sheer, no lining needed)  Content - Rayon/Spandex  Color - Midnight Navy  Width - 60"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Mid-weight Polyester Ribbed Knit - Green
 Mid-weight Ribbed Knit - Green  Content - Polyester  Color - Forest Green  Width - 57"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Lightweight Cotton Spandex Ribbed Knit - White
 Lightweight Ribbed Knit - White  Content - 90% Cotton, %10 Lycra   Color - White  Width - 56"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Wool Jersey Knit - Cream SKU: 6086

$39.00 /yard

Wool Jersey Knit - Cream
 Wool Knit Jersey - Cream  Light-weight, soft, quality woolen  Content - 100% Wool  Color - Cream  Width - 60"  Fabric Care - Hand Wash Only  Not Reorderable
Solid Rayon Knit - Coral SKU: KN6215

$12.00 /yard

Solid Rayon Knit - Coral
 Solid Rayon Knit - Coral  Content - 100% Rayon  Color - Coral Pink  Width - 56"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only  Not Reorderable
Solid Medium Weight Cotton Ribbed Knit - Heather Grey
Please note - the actual remaining yardage is 2.5 yards.  Solid Medium Weight Ribbed Knit - Heather Grey  Content - 100% Cotton  Color - Heather Grey  Width - 38"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only  Not Reorderable
Fine Medium Weight Wool Knit - Navy SKU: WK6088

$39.00 /yard

Fine Medium Weight Wool Knit - Navy
 Fine Medium Weight Wool Knit - Navy  Content - Wool  Color - Navy Blue  Width - 56"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only  Not Reorderable
Lightweight Cotton Ribbed Knit - Royal Blue
 Lightweight Ribbed Knit - Royal Blue  Content - Cotton  Color - Royal Blue  Width - 62"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Ultra Soft Lightweight Cotton Jersey Knit - Seafoam
 Ultra Soft Lightweight Jersey - Seafoam  Content - Cotton  Color - Blue  Width - 62"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Textured Cotton Knit - Navy SKU: WK5375

$29.00 /yard

Textured Cotton Knit - Navy
 A comfortable medium weight textured cotton knit in navy  Content -100% Cotton  Color - Dark Navy Blue  Width - 54"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Solid Wool Knit - Beige SKU: WK5373

$39.00 /yard

Solid Wool Knit - Beige
 Solid Wool Knit - Beige  Content - Wool  Color - Beige  Width - 48"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Drop Stitch Striped Cotton Knit - Teal Green
 Green Knit Fabric featuring a Drop Stitch Stripe  Content - Cotton  Color - Teal Green  Width - 58"  Fabric Care - Machine Wash, Hang Dry
Puckered 4-Way Polyester Spandex Knit - Red
 Red 4-Way Stretch Knit   Puckered/Pebble Texture  Content - Poly Spandex  Color - Red  Width - 56"
Light-Weight Sheer Cotton Knit - Purple
 Light-Weight Sheer Purple Knit  Content - Cotton  Color - Purple  Width - 54"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Featherweight Rayon Ribbed Knit - Rusty Caramel
 Light Brown Featherweight Ribbed Knit   Content: Rayon Blend  Color: Rusty Caramel  Width: 42 inches  Origin: Italy  Fabric Care: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low
Popcorn Cotton Lycra Novelty Knit - Red
This cotton lycra knit in a bold orange/red color is a cotton pique sewn with horizontal elastic threads to give it its distinguished "popcorn" appearance and stretch. Ideal for easy and comfortable skirts and dresses.  SKU - KN 1016  Content...
Wool Blend Knit - Deep Green/Teal SKU: WK1009

$39.00 /yard

Wool Blend Knit - Deep Green/Teal
This wool blend knit, with some stretch, is in a deep teal green with lighter teal green threads. It is sumptuously soft and drape-able, and is medium weight. You will find that this high quality fabric is a very versatile...

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