Novelty Faux Fur with Regal Border Pattern Cutout Embroidery - Black
SKU: 16218 Content: Polyester / Acrylic Color: Black Width: 60 inches
Italian Short Nap Faux Fur - Deep Teal
SKU: 11779 Content: 64% Cotton, 36% Viscose Color: Deep Teal Width: 53 inches Origin: Italy
Low-Pile Animal Pattern Compact Panné Faux Fur - Cream / Charcoal Black
SKU: 9542 Content: Cotton / Rayon Color: Cream / Charcoal Black Width: 51 inches Origin: Italy
Ultra Soft Solid Faux Fur - Grape Purple
SKU: 9284 Content: Acrylic Color: Grape Purple Width: 58 inches
Super Soft Mink Solid Faux Fur - Burgundy
SKU: 9283 Content: Acrylic Color: Burgundy Width: 60 inches
Super Soft Chinchilla Solid Faux Fur - Teal
SKU: 9282 Content: Acrylic Color: Teal Width: 60 inches
Cheetah Printed Faux Fur - Black/Tan/Nude
This totally gorgeous cheetah faux fur is a dark brown, tan, and nude color. Unique for the fabulous print and super soft and luscious feel, this cheetah faux fur is a popular choice for glamorous evening wear jackets and accessories. ...
Faux Fur - Ballet Pink SKU: FF6416

$49.00 / yard

Faux Fur - Ballet Pink
  Faux Fur - Ballet Pink  Content - Polyester Blend  Color - Ballet Pink  Width - 60"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Faux Fur - Bordeaux SKU: FF6414

$49.00 / yard

Faux Fur - Bordeaux
 Faux Fur - Bordeaux   Content - Polyester  Color - Bordeaux   Width - 60"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Animal Striped Printed Panne Velvet - Olivine Gold/Black
A super soft, plush, and cozy high-pile panne velvet! Because of its high-pile, it could be confused for a thin faux fur, but it's definitely a panne.  Its unique color blend of olivine-gold & black makes it that much more...
Faux Shaved Lamb Fur - Beige SKU: FFP5153

$30.00 / yard

Faux Shaved Lamb Fur - Beige
This is a beautiful beige faux shaved lamb fur. The soft and opaque faux fur is perfect to use as a lining in a jacket or the outer layer of jackets and coats. SKU # - FFP 5153 Content – Acrylic Color – ...
Ultra Soft Faux Fur - Tan/White SKU: 5083

$49.00 / yard

Ultra Soft Faux Fur - Tan/White
This beautiful faux fur is comparable to a rabbits fur. This is the most beautiful mix of beige and brown fur with a textured hand. It is the perfect fabric for Winter garments such as jackets and coats. SKU # - FFP...

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