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Chevron Printed Silk Charmeuse - Purples / Light Blush
SKU: 17223 Content: 100% Silk Color: Purples / Light Blush Width: 42 inches
Giant Zig Zag Printed Silk Charmeuse - Black / Off-White
SKU: 17219 Content: 100% Silk Color: Black / Off-White Width: 43 inches
Hypnotic Chevron Printed Silk Chiffon - Black / Off-White
SKU: 15664 Content: 100% Silk Color: Black / Off-White Width: 41 inches
Zig Zag Clip Polyester Chiffon - Hot Coral
SKU: 14261 Content: Polyester Color: Hot Coral Width: 56 inches
Italian Bold Chevron Printed Silk Chiffon - Sage / Lilac
SKU: 14036 Content: 100% Silk Color: Sage / Lilac Width: 52 inches Origin: Italy
Chevron and Scalloped Floral Brocade Panel - Blue / Taupe / White
SKU: 16796 Content: Polyester Color: Blue / Taupe / White Width: 51 inches Panel Length: 45 inches
Chevron Lurex Dot Silk Necktie Jacquard Brocade - Light Grey / Silver
SKU: 15848 Content: Silk / Lurex Color: Light Grey / Silver Width: 40 inches
Chevron Printed Silk Charmeuse - Brown / Nude
SKU: 14898 Content: 100% Silk Color: Brown / Nude Width: 53 inches
Italian Ethnic Chevron Soft Laundered Cotton Tweed Suiting Panel - Denim Navy / Ivory
SKU: 15091 Content: Cotton Color: Denim Navy / Ivory Width: 53 inches Panel Length: 43 inches Origin: Italy
Chevron Pattern Clip Polyester Chiffon - Navy Blue
SKU: 12693 Content: 100% Polyester Color: Navy Blue Width: 58 inches
Wavy Chevron-Like Guipure Lace - Black / White
SKU: 10450 Content: Cotton Color: Black / White Width: 45 inches
Italian Chevron-Like Guipure Lace - Light Cream
SKU: 10420 Content: Wool / Polyester Color: Light Cream Width: 34 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Chevron Ladies Tweed Suiting with Lurex Fibers - Black / Taupe / Greys
SKU: 11994 Content: Acrylic / Wool / Lurex / Blend Color: Black / Taupe / Greys Width: 58 inches Origin: Italy
Chevron Printed Silk Chiffon - Moss Green / Army Green / Red / Burgundy
SKU: 11486 Content: 100% Silk Color: Moss Green / Army Green / Red / Burgundy Width: 43 inches
Chevron Printed Silk Chiffon - Teal / Black / Nude Saddle
SKU: 11481 Content: 100% Silk Color: Teal / Black / Nude Saddle Width: 43 inches
Italian Chevron-Like Tweed Wool Blend Suiting - Dusty Rose / Dusty Peach
SKU: 11585 Content: Wool Blend Color: Dusty Rose / Dusty Peach Width: 59 inches Origin: Italy
Virgin Wool Blend Mirco-Chevron Stretch Suiting - Dark Chocolate / Off-White
SKU: 11580 Content: 70% Virgin Wool, 20%Viscose, 9% Nylon, 1% Elastane Color: Dark Chocolate / Off-White Width: 57 inches
Ethnic Chevron Printed Stretch Cotton Canvas Panel - Burnt Orange / Caramel / Dusty Teal
SKU: 10882 Content: Cotton / Spandex Color: Burnt Orange / Caramel / Dusty Teal Width: 41 inches Panel Length: 25 inches
Chevron Printed Silk Charmeuse - Shades of Blue / Teal
SKU: 9658 Content: 100% Silk Color: Shades of Blue / Teal Width: 44 inches
Chevron Brocade-Like Lamé - Metallic Plum
SKU: 9609 Content: Polyester / Rayon / Lurex Color: Metallic Plum Width: 54 inches
Italian Zig Zag Floral Printed Chiffon Lamé - Light Lavender / Plum Purple / Rust
SKU: 9595 Content: Silk / Polyester / Lurex Color: Light Lavender / Plum Purple / Rust Width: 57 inches Origin: Italy
Chevron-Like Novelty Tulle with Sequins and Soutache Cording - Light Teal
This chevron-like novelty tulle designer fashion fabric with sequins and soutache cording in light teal is extremely versatile and can add that extra special something to any project. SKU: 8736 Content: 100% Polyester Color: Light Teal Width: 48 inches
Large-Scale Ikat Chevron Silk Organza - Mustard Gold / Olive / Dark Olive
This large-scale ikat chevron silk organza designer fashion fabric in mustard gold, olive, and dark olive has a wonderful sense of energy and movement. SKU: 8705 Content: 100% Silk Color: Mustard Gold / Olive / Dark Olive Width: 53 inches...
Hypnotic Chevron Star Matte-Side Printed Silk Charmeuse Panel - Seafoam / Light Mauve
You'll love the energy of this hypnotic chevron star printed silk charmeuse panel designer fashion fabric in seafoam and light mauve. SKU: 8650 Content: 100% Silk Color: Seafoam / Light Mauve Width: 44 inches Length: 29 inches
Chevron Striped Printed Silk Habotai - Blue / Dusty Light Purple
This chevron striped printed silk habotai designer fashion fabric in blue, and dusty light purple has the feeling of fine woodwork. SKU: 8626 Content: 100% Silk Color: Blue / Dusty Light Purple Width: 55 inches Origin: Italy
Ethnic Chevron Yarn-Dyed Woven Silk - Purple / Grey
This ethnic chevron yarn-dyed woven silk designer fashion fabric in purple and grey has an amazing hue that combines stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, denoting royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. SKU: 8604 Content: 100% Silk...
Chevron Perforated Silk and Poly Zibeline - Black
This chevron perforated silk and poly zibeline designer fashion fabric in black is a thick soft fabric that looks liked punched metal. SKU: 8600 Content: Silk / Poly Color: Black Width: 55 inches
Missoni-Look Chevron Lightweight Poly Crochet Knit - Multicolor
The multicolor Missoni-look chevron Lightweight crochet knit designer fashion fabric has the effortless elegant look, injected with an adventurous touch of Seventies' icons, that the brand is famous for. SKU: 8298 Content: Poly / Nylon Color: Multicolor Width: 60 inches...
Chevron Cut Velvet - Black SKU: 7922

$79.00 / yard

Chevron Cut Velvet - Black
SKU: 7922 Content: 74% Viscose, 26% Silk Color: Black Width: 53 inches Origin: Italy
Micro Chevron Lamé - Gold / Silver / Black
The closer you examine this elegant micro chevron lamé European designer fashion fabric in gold, silver, and black, the more its beautiful detail reveals itself. SKU: 7839 Content: Poly / Lurex Color: Gold / Silver / Black Width: 54 inches Origin:...
Ethnic Chevron Tweed - Orange / Tan / Multi
Traditional or modern, folksy or polished, mainstream or underground, you can do it all with this ethnic chevron tweed fabric from Italy, in orange and tan. SKU: 7703 Content: Poly / Acrylic / Rayon Blend Color: Orange / Tan /...
Chevron-Style Printed Silk Chiffon - Navy Blue / Sky Blue / Brown
We love the cool, modern colors and contemporary simple design of this chevron-style printed silk chiffon designer fashion fabric in navy blue, sky blue, and brown. SKU: 7325 Content: 100% Silk Color: Navy Blue / Sky Blue / Brown Width:...
Italian Diagonal Chevron Striped Printed Silk Chiffon - Yellow / Sky Blue / Mocha
A cool, summer-inspired European designer fabric, this Italian diagonal chevron striped printed silk chiffon has elegant stripes of yellow, sky blue, and mocha. SKU: 7251 Content: 100% Silk Color: Yellow / Sky Blue / Mocha Width: 59 inches Origin: Italy...
French Alencon Lace - Black SKU: 6582

$125.00 / yard

French Alencon Lace - Black
This lace features scalloped bands of floral lacework running from edge to edge, along the length of the fabric. Use the full width for a skirt or apply rows of the lace to other fabrics, creating bands along the length...
French Metallic Zig Zag Lace - Silver/Brown
This lace - featuring brown zig zag with metallic silver threads embroidered on top - is a one-of-a-kind edgy and stylish fabric. With its medium weight and textured feel, this lace drapes gorgeously, providing a creative mind with infinite design...
Zig-Zag Fringed Novelty Netting - Black
 Zig-Zag Fringed Novelty Netting - Black   Content - Polyester  Color - Black   Width - 52"  Fabric Not Reorderable
Chevron Crinkled Silk Chiffon - Black/White
SKU: 6018  Chevron Crinkled Silk Chiffon - Black/White  Content - 100% Silk  Color - Black/White  Width - 54"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only  Not Reorderable
Chevron Boucle Wool Crochet Knit - Orange/Multicolor
 Open Knit Chevron Zig Zag Wool - Coral/Multicolor  Content - Wool  Color - Coral/Multicolor  Width - 64"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only  Not Reorderable
Chevron Boucle Wool Crochet Knit - Grey/Multicolor
 Chevron Boucle Wool Crochet Knit - Grey/Multicolor   Content - Wool  Color - Grey/Black/Multicolor  Width - 64"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only  Not Reorderable
Ripple Stretch Lace Knit - Grey/Purple
 Ripple Stretch Lace Knit - Grey/Purple  Color - A deep grey/purple color  Width - 52"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Sequined Chiffon - Red SKU: SQ5250

$59.00 / yard

Sequined Chiffon - Red
Red Sequin Fabric, Zig-Zag Embroidered on Nylon Chiffon Content - Nylon/Plastic Color - Red Width - 42" Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Embroidered Zig Zag Novelty Silk - Blue/Purple
This novelty fabric is nothing short of spectacular. The base of this fabric is a silk print in zig zag lines. On top, a piece of organza is overlayed and stitched down randomly in zig zags with purple thread. SKU #...
Wavy Chevron Embroidered Linen -Beige/White
This beautiful medium weight embroidered linen is fresh and chic. Along the length of the fabric there are alternating light brown and white embroidered wavy chevron stripes. Each stripe is approximately 1 inch wide. SKU: 5088 Content – Linen Color – White,...
Chevron Printed Silk Chiffon - Multicolor SKU: SPCHI1053

$29.00 / yard

Chevron Printed Silk Chiffon - Multicolor
This printed silk chiffon features a chevron print in magenta, black, and brown. The bold and graphic print is lightweight and airy making a great choice for a lightweight garment.  SKU - SPCHI 1053  Content - 100% Silk  Color - Magenta, brown, black, taupe,...

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