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Silk Chiffon with Metallic Lurex Micro Pinstripe - Ballet Slipper Pink / Silver
SKU: 9367 Content: Silk / Lurex Color: Ballet Slipper Pink / Silver Width: 45 inches
Abstract Metallic Textured Brocade - Gold/Teal
 Abstract Metallic Textured Brocade - Gold/Blue  Content - Poly Blend  Color - Gold/Teal  Width - 54"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only  Reorderable
Twill Wool Coating - Emerald Green SKU: 7410

$49.00 / yard

Twill Wool Coating - Emerald Green
We're off to see the wizard in this emerald green twill wool coating designer fashion fabric. SKU: 7410 Content: 100% Woool Color: Emerald Green Width: 54 inches
Descending Floral Embroidered Netting - Navy/Nude/Black
This stunning embroidered netting is a navy, black and nude color. Unique for its incredibly subtle nude netted background that appears like a fine lace, this embroidered netting is a popular choice for special occasion wear - dress and skirt...
Floral Linear Design Printed Silk and Lurex Lamé - Rose Gold / Gold / Green
SKU: 9362 Content: Silk / Lurex Color: Rose Gold / Gold / Green Width: 46 inches
Classic Pleated Lamé - Light Gold SKU: 7846

$39.00 / yard

Classic Pleated Lamé - Light Gold
This classic pleated lamé European designer fashion fabric in light gold is a true stand-out that will capture everyone's attention. SKU: 7846 Content: Polyester Color: Light Gold Width: 56 inches Origin: Italy
French Cheetah Design Panne Cut Velvet on Silk Chiffon - Black / Maroon
SKU: 9169 Content: 67% Silk, 33% Lurex Color: Black / Maroon Width: 44 inches Origin: France
Christian Siriano Novelty Wavy Striped Textured Lamé Brocade - Rose Pink-Gold / Black
This is a Christian Siriano wavy striped and three dimensional lamé brocade in rose gold and black. Create cute skirts, dresses, jackets and gowns with this dazzling designer fabric.   SKU: 7113 Content: Polyester / Lurex Color: Rose Pink Gold /...
Tie-Dye Printed Silk and Cotton Voile - Magenta
SKU: 10710 Content: Cotton / Silk Color: Magenta Width: 54 inches
Italian Animal Pattern Matelassé Brocade - Green
This green animal pattern matelassé brocade European designer fashion fabric is a bold and modern take on classic prints. SKU: 7898 Content: Poly / Silk Blend Color: Green Width: 51 inches Origin: Italy
Stretch Floral Netting - Light Beige SKU: NE5630

$24.00 / yard

Stretch Floral Netting - Light Beige
Stretch Floral Netting - Beige  Color - Very pale beige  Width - 56"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
J Mendel Italian Chevron Fringed Novelty - Brick
This brick J Mendel Italian chevron fringed novelty designer fashion fabric is a wonderful example of the sophisticated, modern haute couture that Paris' House of Mendel is noted for. SKU: 7527 Content: Polyester Color: Brick Width: 56 inches Origin: Italy...
Geometric Art Deco Cut Velvet - Red
The geometric art deco pattern on this designer cut velvet fabric is a bold red color that will make any project truly memorable. SKU: 7243 Content: Silk / Rayon Color: Red Width: 51 inches
Lizards Textured Metallic Brocade - Red / Magenta / Silver
Leapin' lizards! Little Orphan Annie would love this unique lizards textured metallic brocade European designer fashion fabric in red, magenta, and silver. SKU: 7799 Content: Poly Lurex Blend Color: Red / Magenta / Silver Width: 52 inches Origin: Italy
Zebra Printed Cotton Linen - Brown / Natural
SKU: 8205 Content: Cotton / Linen Color: Brown / Natural Width: 56 inches
Solid Silk and Rayon Velvet - Icey Lilac-Grey
SKU: 9511 Content: Silk / Rayon Color: Icey Lilac-Grey Width: 52 inches
Hologram Textured Geometric Cloqué Lamé Brocade - Metallic Mauve
SKU: 9535 Content: Polyester / Cotton / Lurex Color: Metallic Mauve Width: 54 inches
Black Pearls on Tulle - Black SKU: 8336

$49.00 / yard

Black Pearls on Tulle - Black
Black pearls are often associated with everlasting love, making this black pearls on tulle designer fashion fabric in black ideal for creating a symbolic gift to a loved one. SKU: 8336 Content: Polyester Color: Black Width: 60 inches
Italian Novelty Weave Boucle-Look Wool Blend Suiting - Hot Magenta Pink
SKU: 11892 Content: Wool Blend Color: Hot Magenta Pink Width: 54 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Crystalized Floral Jacquard Novelty Horsehair - Silver / Light Grey
SKU: 9651 Content: 72% Polyester, 28% Silk Color: Silver / Light Grey Width: 59 inches Origin: Italy
Summer Floral Cotton Poplin - Red / White
This is a very lovely, high quality fashion cotton featuring bright white flowers on a deep, saturated red.  Its medium weight and smooth to the touch - perfect for children's and adults clothing alike. Make your own 'mommy and me' matching...
Italian Plaid-Like Semi Sheer Novelty - Black
 Italian Plaid-Like Semi Sheer Novelty - Black  SKU: NOVEL5593  Color - Black  Width - 50"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Solid Vinyl - Black SKU: VYN5666

$29.00 / yard

Solid Vinyl - Black
 Solid Vinyl - Black  Color - Black  Width - 57"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Made in Italy Virgin Wool Blend Suiting with Finely Woven Stripes - Caramel / Neon Orange
SKU: 9482 Content: 92% Virgin Wool, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Elastane Color: Caramel / Neon Orange Width: 57 inches Origin: Italy
Tribal Vibes Long-Hair Faux Fur - Ivory / Grey / Latte Brown
SKU: 9290 Content: Acrylic Color: Ivory / Grey / Latte Brown Width: 58 inches
Italian Embroidered Fringe Novelty Chiffon - Green/Metallic
 Italian Embroidered Fringe Novelty Chiffon - Green/Metallic  Content - Silk/Lurex  Color - Green  Width - 54"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Fancy Tulle with Threadworked Clear Sequins and Beads - Celestial Aqua
SKU: 12255 Content: Polyester Color: Celestial Aqua Width: 51 inches
Hazy Floral Taffeta Brocade with Lurex - Black / Gold / Teal / Brick
SKU: 9191 Content: Poly / Lurex Color: Black / Gold / Teal / Brick Width: 58 inches
Watercolor Floral Printed Cotton Sateen - Multicolor
SKU: 10527 Content: Cotton Color: Multicolor Width: 57 inches Origin: Italy
Italian 2-Ply Crisp Chiffon with Straw Yarn in Between - Green
This green Italian 2-ply crisp chiffon European designer fashion fabric with straw yarn in between represents tranquility, good luck, and health. SKU: 8633 Content: Polyester / Nylon Color: Green Width: 53 inches Origin: Italy
3D Floral Rosettes on Tulle - Butter Yellow
This butter yellow 3D floral rosettes on tulle designer fashion fabric is like a beautifully delicate flower garden come to life. SKU: 7980 Content: 100% Polyester Color: Butter Yellow Width: 54 inches
A Field of Hearts Printed Charmeuse-Lamé with Lurex - Electric Purple / Black / Gold
SKU: 9356 Content: Silk / Lurex Color: Electric Purple / Black / Gold Width: 46 inches
Crinkle Pleated Tissue Lamé - Lime Green / Gold
SKU: 12094 Content: Polyester / Lurex Color: Lime Green / Gold Width: 46 inches
Metallic Vinyl - Silver SKU: VYN5733

$24.00 / yard

Metallic Vinyl - Silver
 Metallic Vinyl - Silver  Content - Synthetic Blend  Color - Silver  Width - 57"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Novelty Pleated Organza - Light Green SKU: NOVEL5221

$38.00 / yard

Novelty Pleated Organza - Light Green
This Novelty pleated organza is nothing short of beautiful. The crisp organza is pleated in different pinch pleats going along the width of the fabric. SKU # - NOV 5221 Content – Poly Color –  Light Green Width – 58” Fabric Care - Dry...
Metallic Abstract Brocade - Gold/Black/White
This Japanese brocade has an abstract design created in metallics that create melting shapes merged with horizontal lines. The stiffer drape is ideal for cocktail dresses and full skirts.  Reference # - BMB 1058  Content - Poly Metallic Blend  Color - Gold, Black  Width - 42"...
3-Layered Abstract Poly Lamé Organza - Shimmery Antique Gold
SKU: 9596 Content: Polyester / Lurex Color: Shimmery Antique Gold Width: 54 inches
French Novelty Silk Fringes - Beige/Ivory SKU: NOVEL5929

$49.00 / yard

French Novelty Silk Fringes - Beige/Ivory
 Novelty Silk Fringes - Beige/Ivory  Content - Silk/Poly Blend  Color - Beige/Ivory  Width - 62"  Origin - France  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Houndstooth Brocade - Orange/Black SKU: BNMB5556

$49.00 / yard

Houndstooth Brocade - Orange/Black
 Houndstooth Brocade - Orange/Black  Color - Black/Orange  Width - 55"  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Geometric Embroidered Cotton - Red/White
This unique embroidered cotton features white geometric shapes running along the length of the bright red fabric. The fabric gives off a bohemian vibe with its geometric embroidery. SKU # - EC 5095 Content – Cotton Color – Red, White Width – 46” Fabric Care...
Double Scalloped Leavers Lace - Yellow/Black
This double-scallop, two-tone lace features flowers in bloom surrounded by curving ferns and has eyelashes along the scalloped edges. The density of the design and the weight make this lace ideal for lingerie, fitted evening wear, and everyday skirts and...
Plaid Yarn-Dyed Cotton Suiting with Lurex - Dusty Periwinkle / Salmon / Yellow / Gold
SKU: 10804 Content: Cotton / Lurex Color: Dusty Periwinkle / Salmon / Yellow / Gold Width: 40 inches
Woven Horizontal Striped Yarn-Dyed Cotton Linen - Multicolor
SKU: 8206 Content: Cotton / Linen Color: Multicolor Width: 60 inches
Large-Scale Plaid Light-Weight Wool Suiting - Navy / Ivory / Blue
Be inspired by the luxury design of this large-scale plaid light-weight wool suiting European designer fashion fabric in navy, ivory, and blue. SKU: 7952 Content: 100% Wool Color: Navy / Ivory / Blue Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Ralph Lauren Striped Printed Cotton Sateen - Navy/Yellow/White
This simple, handsome cotton stretch sateen from the fashion house of Ralph Lauren is ideal for a comfy, sporty 1950's-esque pants or shorts.  Also suitable for a light sports jacket and playwear.  SKU # - PC 1032  Content - Cotton, Spandex...
Italian Gingham Plaid Flat Boucle Wool Tweed Suiting - Brown / Autumn Orange / Mustard / Black
SKU: 11893 Content: 100% Wool Color: Brown / Autumn Orange / Mustard / Black Width: 58 inches Origin: Italy
Baroque Vines Printed Linen - Burnt Orange / Cream
SKU: 9782 Content: 100% Linen Color: Burnt Orange / Cream Width: 55 inches
Sequins in Striped Design on Cotton Mesh - Gold / Grey / Cream
This lux gold, grey, and cream sequins in striped design on cotton mesh designer fashion fabric feels like it belongs in the pharaoh's court. SKU: 12299 Content: Cotton Color: Gold / Grey / Cream Width: 51 inches
Tropical Leaf Printed Scuba - Seafoam / Black / White / Grey
SKU: 11764 Content: Polyester / Spandex Color: Seafoam / Black / White / Grey Width: 46 inches
Italian Striped Novelty - Multicolor SKU: NOVEL5218

$75.00 / yard

Italian Striped Novelty - Multicolor
This fun novelty fabric is sure to grab everyone’s attention! Imported from Italy, this fabric features different woven stripes in content and color on a sheer polyester organza backing. SKU # - NOV 5218 Content – Cotton, Wool, Polyester Color –  Pink,...
Striped Satin Chiffon Burnout -Pink/Orange
Striped satin silk chiffon in sunflower and hot pink. Vertical striped and made in Italy, this fun and flirty silk/rayon blend is perfect for cocktail dresses and skirts (both of which require lining). Comes in many color ways. SKU -...
Vertical Striped Yarn-Dyed and Twill Weave Linen - Navy / Black / Lilac
SKU: 10209 Content: Linen Color: Navy / Black / Lilac Width: 60 inches
Italian Boho Basketweave Plaid Jacketweight Fused Tweed - Multicolor
SKU: 11854 Content: Acrylic Blend Color: Multicolor Width: 56 inches Origin: Italy This fabric is a last cut and no longer in production. Once sold out, we are unable to get more.
Oval Geometric Quilty Jacketweight Brocade - Forest Green
SKU: 11417 Content: Polyester Blend Color: Forest Green Width: 49 inches
Floral Medallion Crinkled Poly Nylon Organza - Aurora Borealis Green
SKU: 9614 Content: Poly / Nylon / Lurex Color: Aurora Borealis Green Width: 57 inches
French Novelty Corded Lace - Red SKU: LA5574

$110.00 / yard

French Novelty Corded Lace - Red
 French Novelty Corded Lace - Red  Content - Polyester  Color - Red  Width - 60"  Origin - France  Fabric Care - Dry Clean Only
Sportswear Netting - Purple SKU: NOVEL5139

$19.00 / yard

Sportswear Netting - Purple
This purple large-scale fishnet style netting is unique and fun. With a soft, easy drape and smooth to the touch, this fabric is a great wearable novelty for costume, performance and sporty daywear. Content – Polyester Color – Purple Width...
Striped Circles Appliqued to Novelty Mesh Gazar - Black / White
SKU: 10158 Content: 100% Polyester Color: Black / White Width: 59 inches
Italian Plaid Acrylic Blend Flannel Suiting - Pink / Dark Periwinkle / Yellow / Black
SKU: 11842 Content: Acrylic Blend Color: Pink / Dark Periwinkle / Yellow / Black Width: 60 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Graphic Crystalized Flakes Printed Scuba - Sky Blue / Medium Blue / Orange / Black / White
SKU: 11758 Content: Polyester / Spandex Color: Sky Blue / Medium Blue / Orange / Black / White Width: 54 inches Origin: Italy
Italian Modern Glen Plaid Woven Poly Yarn-Dyed Suiting - Navy / White
SKU: 9130 Content: Polyester Color: Navy / White Width: 59 inches Origin: Italy

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