Welcome to Shop Our Shelves!

This section of our website is for those of you who wish to see more of what we carry in our New York City brick & mortar store, as if you were here yourself!

Although you can not yet purchase all of these fabrics directly from our site, they can ABSOLUTELY be purchased!

If you see something you like, we invite you to send us an email to info@fabrics-fabrics.com or text/Whatsapp us at 646-866-9913, and reference the image ID and the roll of fabric you are interested in.  You can also screenshot and mark the image when communicating with us.  We can then follow up with more images, pricing, swatches, and any other information you need to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Please note, though, that these shelves are being shopped by our in-store customers as well, so fabrics you see in the pictures to follow could potentially already be sold out.  For that reason, we plan to update this section several times a year, and appreciate your understanding.

These are our "shelves" you can browse through (we will be adding more and more images constantly):

We hope Shop Our Shelves will help you during your fabric excursions and that you will enjoy the browsing!

PS - These shelves still do not show all of the fabrics we carry in our NYC store, so you can still contact us with any specific fabric enquiries you may have.  Also, we will still be adding fabrics daily to our New Arrivals, and those will continue to be shoppable directly through the website. Shop our Shelves is just an additional resource for you!