Peacocks in Autumn Printed Silk Habotai - Light Beige / Purple / Tangerine

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Inspired by "peacocks in autumn" this printed silk habotai showcases a delightful combination of light beige, purple, and tangerine colors. The silk habotai fabric is lightweight and smooth, making it perfect for lining or for creating delicate and flowing garments like blouses, scarves, and lingerie with a whimsical and nature-inspired aesthetic. The peacock motif adds a touch of grace and beauty to the design, reminiscent of a serene autumn scene.

  • SKU: 16414
  • Content: 100% Silk
  • Color: Light Beige / Purple / Tangerine
  • Width: 53 inches
This fabric is from an exclusive limited-quantity production. Once sold out, we are unable to get more.
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$39.00 / yard
$39.00 / yard

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